In a previous post we had said that we have made our very first purchase using the Trinkets profit money. Here is a list of all the books that we bought for the Bhil Academy Library.

You folks are welcome to make suggestions about books that we can buy for kids aged 4-17 years, and let us know of places that you think we can get good deals from!

Books by Enid Blyton:

1. The Secret Seven

2. The Red Story Book

3. Secret Seven Adventure

4. Eight O’clock Tales

5. Enchanted Woods

6. In the Eighth at Malory Towers

7. The Adventures of the Wishing-chair

8. Five O’clock Tales

9. The Wishing-chair Again.

10. Seven O’clock Tales

11. Third Year at Malory Towers

12. Upper Fourth at Malory Towers

13. Secret Seven Win Through

14. Secret Seven on the Trail

15. Secret Seven Mystery    

16. Last Term at Malory Towers

17. Good Work Secret Seven

18. Last Term at Malory Towers

19. Shock for the Secret Seven


Indian Epics:

1. Dasharatha

2. Ravana

3. Parashurama

4. Lakshmana

5. Sita


Books by Ruskin Bond:

1. The Roopa Carnival of Terror

2. Of Birds and Beasts

3. Animal Stories

4. The Roopa book of Shikhar Stories



1. Noni- Too Many Bananas

2. Jessica- Kevin Henkes

3. Norman Bridwell- Count on Clifford

4. My Picture Book of Insects

5. Anita Khanna- Stories of the Buddha

6. Grolier- Ivy can’t Wait

7. Derrydale- Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves and Other Stories

8. Rohan- Famous Stories of Tenaliraman

9. Indian Folk Tales

10. Gratian Vas- The Story of India for Children

11. A Happy Ending book- The Flyaway Kite

12. Michael Irwin- Bears in my Bed

13. Untitled

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